Compact 63 cm honey extractors with a fully automatic drive with frequency converter

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Benefit These honey extractors with a compact fully automatic drive with frequency converter offer the best in this size class . They combine the best selling honey extractors with 63 cm bowl diameter with the professional drive of bigger honey throwers.
These honey extractors come with the following benefits:

  • The honey extractors are equipped with a fully automatic drive . The automatic ensures that the entire spin cycle is automatic. There are pre-set programs that can be changed as required.
  • The Siemens motor in combination with frequency converter offers an extremely quiet drive .
  • Easy transport and handling of medium-sized honey spinners with 63 cm diameter.
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Logar 20/8-Waben-Radialschleuder, Kessel 63 cm, Vollautomatik Antrieb, Motor110W, Rähmchen 24 x 48 cm + 4 Einhängegitter EN

Radial honey extractor, Motor 110W Programautomatic, 24.80/25.98 " (63/66 cm), 6.29/9.44 x 18.89 " (16/24 x 48 cm), Suitable for 20 Flachzargenrähmchen, or 8 full frames in radial operation or for 4 large honeycombs in Tangentialbetrieb with hanging grids, Tangential screens included, Compact 63 cm honey extractor with a fully automatic drive with frequency converter
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