Logar Honey extractors

Overview of all honey extractors depending on type and drive

Tangential honey extractors

Radial honey extractors

Self-turning honey extractors

Logar honey extractors are designed and manufactured with the utmost care by the renowned Slovenia-based company Logar trade d.o.o.. Their outstanding quality and reliability makes Logar honey extractor highly popular with beekeepers all over Europe.

Logar Honey Extractors Quality

Extractors are made of top-quality polished stainless steel, which provides the extractors with durability. All of the honey extractor parts that come into contact with honey are constructed of materials appropriate for managing foods and have been awarded the appropriate certificate. All motor-powered honey extractor have the EC Declaration of Conformity.

The company's production facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment, which allows highly innovative manufacturing of the bottom of extractors and welding without inner edges for easy cleaning. The bottoms are inclined towards the outlet, which makes it possible for the honey to drain out of the extractor more easily and completely.

A stainless honey tap is installed at the lowest point of the bottom so all of the honey can drain out of the extractor. Large-size extractors have two honey taps. The bottom tap serves the purposes of complete drainage, whereas the top one is installed a little higher, so there is always some honey left at the bottom of the drum as the ballast for further stabilisation of the extractor. This makes the extractor more stable whenever extraction involves frames of different weights.

Cassettes in self-turning baskets are made of vertical wires of corresponding density so as to prevent the honeycomb from getting damaged during extraction and the honey from being clogged in the cassette.

The acrylic glass lid allows you to watch the extraction process.

The extractors feature two handy built-in handles for carrying, as well as extremely robust and stable legs; they are very easy to assemble.

Tangential, Radial and Self-turning Honey Extractors

Our wide range of products includes extractors perfect for the needs of any beekeeper, regardless of the size of their beekeeping and beehive systems. We offer a large selection of honey extractors of various sizes. You can choose between tangential, self-turning or radial honey extractors that feature a manual drive, a motor drive or automation.

Tangential extractors are primarily intended for hobbyists. During extraction, the frame is positioned tangentially in relation to the drum to allow honey to drain more easily. Tangential extractors are suitable for extraction of honey from frames of even the largest sizes, which makes them the most universal extractor option. Also available are extractor baskets without the middle axle, which makes it possible to turn the frame around without taking it out from the basket.

Radial extractors are a perfect solution for beekeepers with low-height beehive frames. The centrifugal force and the natural tendency of the cells during rotation ensure that both sides of the frame are emptied simultaneously.

Self-turning honey extractors are intended primarily for beekeepers who deal with the extraction of viscous honey. Their main advantage is the self-turning of frames during the extraction process, which allows the entire process to be carried out completely automatically. During extraction, the honeycomb is within the cassettes, which protect it from getting damaged. When it comes to self-turning extractors, a full electronic speed control is recommended.

Drive options

Three different extractor drive options are available, namely a manual drive, a motor drive and automation.

The manual drive gear is recommended for smaller-sized honey extractors and is the most cost effective option. By turning the arm to the right the basket gets rotated and by turning it to the left the basket comes to a stop.

The motor drive is easy to use. The speed and direction of rotation are infinitely variable and controlled by means of a handle on the motor.

The automated full electronic speed control is recommended for self-turning and large-sized radial extractors. Automation makes it possible for the entire extraction process to take place automatically and independently, thus allowing the user to focus on other tasks during this time. Automation features eight pre-set programmes that can be changed at will. The drive is extremely quiet.