Keep Track of Your Bees’ Activity and Prevent Swarming As Soon As It Happens with Bee Scale

If you are a beekeeping enthusiast, you already know how painful it can be to lose bees due to swarming. Swarming is a natural process that happens because of a number of different reasons, and up until now, it was difficult to stop it. But our innovative bee scale can help you prevent it before it happens.

Our innovative bee scale can detect and help prevent swarming of your bees.

Bee scale can detect swarming of your bees by measuring the weight of the beehive every five minutes. This enables it to immediately record a change in weight, which can be a consequence of swarming, wind tipping over the bee hive, a wild animal attacking the hive…

The bee scale measures weight every five minutes and immediately detects changes.

As soon as the scale detects a significant change in the weight of the beehive, it triggers a special alarm, immediately sending a notification to your e-mail as well as your mobile app and your profile at our website.

You can rest assured that you will always be notified the moment there’s a problem with your bee hive.

This enables you to act quickly and prevent damage before it happens, saving you precious time, energy as well as money.

Get the Bee Scale Today and Prevent Loss of Bees!

Our award-winning is an innovative bee scale that features automatic hourly weight measurements and updates, enables remote monitoring of your bee hives via mobile app and website, and is solar-powered to ensure continuous autonomy. It helps you provide your bees with a stress-free environment, immediately sends you an alarm when there’s a problem in the bee hive, and enables you to always keep track of the conditions in and around your bee hive.

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