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Strainer tank 30 kg, with fine sieve and upper tap (SKU: 2561)

All day The under-sieve with a sieve that does not clog up!

With a 4-honeycomb to 6-honeycomb self-propelled or a radial spinner for 9 honeycombs, you can usually work a full day before the fine sieve must be cleaned.

The Unterstell-Siebkanne is intended primarily for screening during honey extraction. There are two squeeze valves made of stainless steel, which cut off the honey nicely. The upper pinch cock is intended for leaking the sifted honey into lower containers. The lower pinch cock is used to drain the honey. The sieve is a fine sieve made of a stainless steel scrim that ensures a high honey flow. The Honigunterstellkanne is made entirely of stainless food approved materials.


  • screen Capacity: 30 kg
  • Height: 37 cm
  • Height of upper tap: 28 cm
  • Diameter of the fine sieve: 30.5 cm
  • Height of the fine sieve: 34 cm
  • Screen area: 0.29 m2
  • Mesh size: 1 mm


  • Very large screen area: 0.29m2
  • The sieve is made of a stainless steel mesh that ensures a high honey flow.
  • Enables complete cleansing of the honey. Optimal use together with the coarse honey sieve with a diameter of 24 cm (see below).
  • The sieve does not clog even when sifting the honey all day. With a 4-honeycomb to 6-honeycomb self-spin or a radial spinner for 9 honeycombs, you can usually work a full day before the sieve needs to be cleaned.

Dual function

  • Sifting honey during honey extraction and pot
  • Filling the glasses with honey - the honey tap cuts off the honey nicely.


  • The strainer tank is placed directly under the outlet tap of the honey extractor. During the sieving process, the lower honey tap of the tank must be closed .
  • The honey then runs continuously from the honey extractor into the under-sieve through the sieve. The level of the honey rises up to the upper honey tap and then flows through the upper tap in a separate tank / bucket.
  • Due to the high weight of the honey and the large surface of the inner sieve wax, dirt and pollen put the sieve in this strainer tank only very slowly from top to bottom.
  • The wax remains, dirt and pollen rise to the surface and can be easily skimmed off. For this we recommend the coarse honey sieve with a diameter of 24 cm.
  • At the end, the strainer tank is emptied via the lower honey tap.


  • For cleaning, lift the strainer tank on a stool.
  • The sieved honey is allowed to run through the lower honey tap in a bucket.
  • The sieve is taken out of the tank and cleaned - preferably from the outside with a cold water jet or a shower.
  • When the sieve dries, it is put back into the tank and you can continue working.

Recommended use with the additional coarse sieve:

  • With the coarse sieve you catch the larger wax particles, so that they do not get into the strainer tank.
  • Thus collected wax particles can be easily removed from this additional coarse sieve, as if they would have to skim the surface of the strainer tank where it would otherwise collect.
  • The combination of a coarse sieve and the strainer tank has proven to be the best honey-cleaning combination in honey-extraction, so we highly recommend it . With this combination you get completely pure honey.

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