Bee corridor to prevent bee robbery

Tested effectiveness for preventing bee robbing. New icon

It is inserted in the entrance of the beehive at the time of bee robbing danger.

ApiSloveniaWe present to you the bee corridor for preventing bee robbing, which was developed by our company. During the development of the product, we relied on a proven concept of effective prevention of bee robbing, improved it and developed an innovative product, that was presented as an innovation at the beekeeping fair ApiSlovenia 2018.

With the use of bee corridor, problems with bee robbing are gone!


The corridor is suitable for Langstroth hives and other hive systems with an entrance of at least 50 × 8mm.

The corridor is made of high-quality ABS plastic with a very long service life.

The corridor is connected to the front board and inserted into the entrance of the hive. Before inserting it, it must be checked if there are any obstacles in the hive to prevent insertion. Any obstacles are removed or the corridor is shortened at the designated places. With the closure plate, the entrance to the corridor is partially or completely closed. It is put in the front board.
Bee corridor basic activity
Basic effectiveness

The corridor cuts off the attacker bees’ direct way to the honeycomb and disorientates them so that they rotate in a circle. This way the guard bees can easily drive them away.

Bee corridor 2
Increased effectiveness

The effectiveness is additionally increased when the corridor is half closed with the closure plate.

Bee corridor Additional uses
Additional uses

With the closure plate, the entrance to the hive can be completely closed if necessary.

Bee corridor
Bee corridor
Bee corridor
Bee corridor
Bee corridor
Bee corridor

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