Bienenkorridor zur Verhinderung von Räuberei

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Images are symbolic and represent the current or similar article with the same characteristics.

Images are symbolic and represent the current or similar article with the same characteristics.

Frame size

It is important that you choose a honey extractor that suits your frames. Each honey extractor indicates the maximum size of the frames that can be extracted. In general, we can say that the honey extractor is suitable if your frames are smaller than or equal to the maximum specified size of the frames. Due to the different frame systems, it is best to check the actual size of your frames before purchasing and to send us this information so that we can advise you.

You can measure the frames with the help of this form and tell us the dimensions when ordering. In this way, we can guarantee that the selected honey extractor will also fit.

For a surcharge of 61,00 EUR it is in most cases possible to adapt the basket to your frames.

Click here for the measuring form.

The selected honey extractor you can use for frames that are not larger than: 11.81 x 18.89 " (30 x 48 cm) (A x B)

The honey extractor is suitable for the following frames:

  • Universal honey extractor, suitable for DNM, Zander, Langstroth, Kuntzsch and Dadant frames

Detailed: German Normal [unit size] (223 x 370 mm), German Normal, flat (159 x 370 mm), German Normal, half (110 x 370 mm), Hoffmann, large (260 x 410 mm), 4/3 Zander, breeding room (300 x 420 mm), 4/3 Zander, honey room (150 x 420 mm), ZaDant (285 x 420 mm), Zander (220 x 420 mm), Zander, flat (159 x 420 mm), Zander, half (110 x 420 mm), Austrian broadwave (255 x 426 mm), Dadant Leaf, Incubator (300 x 435 mm), Dadant leaf, honey room (159 x 435 mm), Dadant [modified], Incubator (285 x 448 mm), Dadant [modified], honey room (141 x 448 mm), Dadant US, Incubator (285 x 448 mm), Dadant US, honey room (160 x 448 mm), Langstroth, flat, 1/2 (137 x 448 mm), Langstroth, flat, 2/3 (159 x 448 mm), Langstroth, flat, 3/4 (185 x 448 mm), Langstroth, whole (232 x 448 mm), Langstroth, Jumbo (285 x 448 mm),

Honey extractor basket

Turning the frames in the spin basket

A practical spin basket without a central axis , in which the frame can be turned directly in the spin basket without having to remove it from the honey extractor.


Advantages of the honey extractor:

Samoobracalni kos

Turning of frames in the basket

A practical basket without the middle axle, which makes it possible to turn the frames around without taking them out from the basket of the honey extractor.


Inclined bottom

One of the most vaunted benefits of the honey extractor is the innovative bottom that is inclined towards the outlet, which makes it possible for the honey to drain out of the extractor more easily and completely. In addition, the bottom is seamlessly welded, which greatly simplifies cleaning.


The honey can completely drain out

The stainless honey tap is installed at the lowest possible bottom point, which ensures that all the honey can drain from the honey extractor.


Seamlessly welded

The bottom of the honey extractor is innovatively manufactured and welded without inner edges, which makes cleaning much easier.


High-quality materials

The honey extractor is made of high quality polished stainless steel, which gives the honey extractor sustainability. All parts that come in contact with honey are made from approved materials that are suitable for food and have a corresponding certificate.

Stainless honey tap

The honey extractor has a stainless honey tap, which is installed at the lowest possible bottom point, which ensures that all the honey can drain from the honey extractor.

Stable legs

The honey extractor has three extremely robust and stable legs that are easy to assemble.

Two carrying handles

The honey extractor has two built-in carrying handles that make carrying easier.

Proctors pokrov

Transparent lid

The honey extractor has a transparent lid made of acrylic glass, which allows the monitoring of the extraction process.


CE certificate

The honey extractor has a CE certificate, which means that it has passed a strict quality control and is suitable for sale in the EU market.

Food Approved

Suitable for food

All of the honey extractor parts that come into contact with honey are constructed of materials appropriate for managing foods and have been awarded the appropriate certificate.

Warranty 2

2 years warranty

2 years warranty on manual drive and components. Even after this time, we support you and provide repair service for your honey extractor.


High quality workmanship and longevity

Logar honey extractor - synonymous with longevity, innovative solutions that make work easier, reliable service and spare parts.

Speciality: Basket without the middle axle

Drive type: manual drive

The honey extractor is equipped with a manual drive suitable for smaller honey extractors. Turning the crank clockwise rotates the basket and brakes it by holding the crank against the direction of rotation.

Rocni pogon


Number of frames 4
Barrel height with / without drive system 25.19/29.52 " (64/75 cm)
Overall height 41.33/46.06 " (105/117 cm)
Inner / outer barrel diameter 20.47/21.65 " (52/55 cm)
Grating surface of the frame basket 11.81 x 16.14 " (30.00 x 41.00 cm)
Maximum frame size 11.81 x 18.89 " (30 x 48 cm)
Sheet thickness coat/bottom 0.8 / 0.8 mm
Height from ground to the honey tap 16.14 " (41 cm)
Honey tap Φ1.49" (38 mm)
Drive Manual
Weight 20 kg
Honey extractor type Tangential honey extractor
Frames Universal honey extractor, suitable for DNM, Zander, Langstroth, Kuntzsch and Dadant frames
Speciality Basket without the middle axle

Guarantee and purchase without risk

100% satisfaction guarantee

When you buy a honey extractor on our website you do not have to worry about whether you will be satisfied with the product. We guarantee a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days and we will refund the purchase price.

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safety 10% deposit, the rest after delivery

Since we want to make sure that you feel safe and undoubted when placing an order, we offer you the option of paying only 10% of the purchase price when ordering, and the remainder after delivery. This applies to orders up to 2,000 GBP/EUR/CHF.

We believe and we know that the Logar honey extractor will absolutely delight you .

Product warranty

All honey extractors are tested before they leave the factory so they are guaranteed to function properly .

Honey extractors have up to 2 years warranty. In the event of a problem, Logar's development engineers will be available to advise you and provide the necessary replacement parts.

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Payment methods

Payments Payment by bank transfer or Master Card, Visa, American Express (Paypal).

The steps of an order

1. Put the desired items in the shopping cart and make the order. Write us your further wishes. Shopping guide

2. We check the order and send you the order confirmation.

3. You make a 10% down payment.

4. We prepare the ordered items and inform you when we can ship.

5. You will receive the ordered products and pay for the rest.

Ordering the items is very easy and convenient.

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Kombinieren Sie die Honigschleuder mit der besten Unterstell-Siebkanne die sich nicht verstopft

Built-under Siebkanne

All day The under-sieve with a sieve that does not clog up!

With a 4-honeycomb to 6-honeycomb self-propelled or a radial spinner for 9 honeycombs, you can usually work a full day before the fine sieve must be cleaned.

More information about the Unterstell-Siebkanne >>

Get to know the world-class Logar honey extractors

The best of the best

Logar honey extractors are designed and manufactured with the utmost care by the renowned Slovenia-based company Logar trade d.o.o.. Their outstanding quality and reliability makes Logar honey extractor highly popular with beekeepers all over Europe. Since the company was founded in 1980, satisfied customers have noted that Logar honey extractors are synonymous with longevity and innovative solutions that make work easier. Reliable service and spare parts are guaranteed.

Take a look at the video of the high-quality Logar honey extractors and their story >>

How to choose the right honey extractor?

You need a honey extractor, but do not know exactly which? The Logar Company has honey extractors for all kinds of beekeepers - from those for whom beekeeping is a hobby to those who make their living with it. In the following, we will give you information about the extractors, so you can find the most suitable one. If you still are not sure, please contact us. We help you to choose a honey extractor and guarantee that with our help you will receive 100% the right honey extractor.

Please send us an e-mail to and send us a completed form for the measurement of the frames.

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3 main types of honey extractors

Tangential honey extractors - for hobbyists

Tangential honey extractors are the most universal, because they are suitable also for the extraction of frames of the largest dimensions. That's why they are best for hobbyists beekeepers. During extraction, the frame is positioned tangentially in relation to the barrel to allow honey to drain more easily. Also available are extractor baskets without the middle axle, which makes it possible to turn the frame around without taking it out from the basket.

Radial honey extractors - for low-height beehive frames

Radial extractors are a perfect solution for beekeepers with low-height beehive frames. The frames are placed vertically around the axis in the basket, similar to the spokes on a bicycle.The centrifugal force and the natural tendency of the cells during rotation ensure that both sides of the frame are emptied simultaneously. In other words, it is no longer necessary to turn the frames in the honey extractor.


Self-turning honey extractors - for larger beekeeping

Self-turning honey extractors are intended primarily for beekeepers who deal with the extraction of viscous honey. Their main advantage is the self-turning of frames during the extraction process, which allows the entire process to be carried out completely automatically. During extraction, the honeycomb is within the cassettes, which protect it from getting damaged.

3 drive types for the honey extractor

How to choose the drive for the honey extractor?

There are three different drives available for the honey extractors:

  • Manual drive intended for smaller honey extractors
  • Motor drive intended for medium sized honey extractors
  • Fully automatic drive intended for larger radial honey extractors and for self-turning extractors

Rocni pogon

Manual drive

The manual drive gear is recommended for smaller-sized honey extractors and is the most cost effective option. By turning the handle to the right the basket gets rotated and by turning it to the left the basket comes to a stop.

Check out all honey extractors with manual drive >>

Motorni pogon

Motor drive

Motor drive is recommended for radial and larger honey extractors. The motor is an AC motor. With the regulating lever, you determine the direction of rotation and the speed to the right and left steplessly. The power plug is a "Schuko plug".

Check out all honey extractors with motor drive >>

Avtomatski pogon

Fully automatic drive

We recommend the fully automatic drive for self-turning and larger radial honey extractors. It makes possible for the entire extraction process to take place automatically and independently. Automation features eight pre-set programmes that can be changed at will. The drive is extremely quiet. The power plug is a "Schuko plug".

Check out all honey extractors with fully automatic drive >>

Original Logar Accessories

Honey refractometer with automatic temperature correction (ATC)

Honey refractometer with automatic temperature correction (ATC)

70% Rabatt auf das Refraktometer gibt es nur, wenn Sie es zusammen mit einer Honigschleuder bestellen.

+24,90 €
Rubber feet for extractor with screw M8

Rubber feet for extractor with screw M8

Rubber feet for extractor - 3 pcs with screws.

+9,89 €
Uncapping wax bag

Uncapping wax bag

Bags for uncapping wax - to hang into the basket. If possible, use in pairs! Size: 23 x 34 x 3 cm

+59,58 €
Honey creamer for honey extractors with diameter 20.47" (52 cm), stainless steel

Honey creamer for honey extractors with diameter 20.47" (52 cm), stainless steel

For honey extractors with diameter 20.47" (52 cm) - (Product number 4006, 4007, 4105, 4104, 4540 and 4541). Diameter: 5.90" (15 cm) Length: 21.65" (55 cm)

+58,30 €

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Tested effectiveness for preventing bee robbing

It is inserted in the entrance of the beehive at the time of bee robbing danger

ApiSloveniaWe present to you the bee corridor for preventing bee robbing, which was developed by our company. During the development of the product, we relied on a proven concept of effective prevention of bee robbing, improved it and developed an innovative product, that will be presented as an innovation at the beekeeping fair ApiSlovenia 2018.

With the use of bee corridor, problems with bee robbing are gone!

More informations >>

Basic effectiveness
Basic effectiveness

The corridor cuts off the attacker bees’ direct way to the honeycomb and disorientates them so that they rotate in a circle. This way the guard bees can easily drive them away.

Increased effectiveness
Increased effectiveness

The effectiveness is additionally increased when the corridor is half closed with the closure plate.

Additional uses
Additional uses

With the closure plate, the entrance to the hive can be completely closed if necessary.

Bee Corridor